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So, yes. Another one of those scurvy "honorary members" .......*shrug*

If Ai is the Northern Ambassador, I guess I'm the "Honorary Middle of Nowhere/Primordial Hell Ambassador". It fits. Or the "Honorary Eastern Ambassador"...*shrugs*

Aaaanyway. I'm Erin. Yeah. And I play *takes a deep breath* Wood, Su, Mrs. Weasley, somerandomcharacterthatIcannotimpart, yet another Wood, and Cho. Uhh...I have no idea who's able to post and whatnot...so I'll uhh...you'll figure it out. I dunno why I'm posting here, actually. I'm bored and awake and glaring at Photoshop...which still has 12 hours of download time. *cries* I hate dial-up!

So, yes. That's about it. Bubblewrap and Pinky and the Brain. <-- was entire point of entry
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