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So, yes. Another one of those scurvy "honorary members" .......*shrug*

If Ai is the Northern Ambassador, I guess I'm the "Honorary Middle of Nowhere/Primordial Hell Ambassador". It fits. Or the "Honorary Eastern Ambassador"...*shrugs*

Aaaanyway. I'm Erin. Yeah. And I play *takes a deep breath* Wood, Su, Mrs. Weasley, somerandomcharacterthatIcannotimpart, yet another Wood, and Cho. Uhh...I have no idea who's able to post and whatnot...so I'll uhh...you'll figure it out. I dunno why I'm posting here, actually. I'm bored and awake and glaring at Photoshop...which still has 12 hours of download time. *cries* I hate dial-up!

So, yes. That's about it. Bubblewrap and Pinky and the Brain. <-- was entire point of entry
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You can post with both Woods, Cho, and Su Li. I can add Mama Weasley if you want. And even your character-who-must-not-be-named. (Why does it feel like I'm talking about Voldemort?) Anyway, yeah I can add anyone you want.
*shrug* Doesn't matter to me. I never play with those two...sooo...yes. Just being random. ^_^
*twitches, flails, falls out of chair, making lots of noise, possibly injuring herself, muttering 'Help, I've fallen and I can't get up'*

Evil, evil people and your bubblewrap and your Pinky and the Brain. I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids and your stupid dog too.

Wow, I'm random.
*clears throat* SCRAPPY-DOO!

.......you ran riiight into that one.
*flails more, whimpers* Not that. Anything but that.

....I did, didn't I?
*evil grin* Scrappy.......oh, yeah...and Doo. ((*perk* Pouty-EP!Flint?))

Yes. I can't possibly be blamed for that. It was so obvious...
*flailing about, injuring herself more* You....are so very evil. ((I am such your bitch, you know?))

Eh, it was. I was setting myself up. Glutton for punishment, I am.
*smirks* You are so self-defeating. You hurt yourself more than I do, and that's bad. ((*grin* You know you love it.))

Heh. As are your poor characters...especially the 'Marcusi'...*smirks* I love that word...for some odd, odd reason.
*shrugs* I am. I'm very accident prone, which is probably why everyone puts the breakables away when I come over. That and my wonderous ability to flail about. ((*sighs* I suppose....))

Peh. EP!Marcus isn't. Much. Well maybe a little. TCR!Flint certainly is, and he's mean and he hits people. Okay, so all of my characters are just a little bit sado-masochistic.

(Marcusi's such a fun word to say, isn't it? I love reinvinting the language.)

Look! More pouty-EP!Flint!
Heh. I'm the same way. It's all plastic for me next year...none of this crazy "glass" stuff.

They all are...but EP!Flint is so cuuuute! I love EP!Flint! Especially when he's pouty!

EP!Wood: *runs and glomps* He's mine! Aww...you're so pretty when you pout.

Yes, it is a great word. Cookies for you! Yay!
Peh. Who needs "glass". I'm think no-spill, tipsy cups for me. *nods*

EP!Flint my one relatively sane character. It's nice not to have to channel the sociopath all the time anymore. *points at TCR!Flint, who just glares* He is cute when he pouts. I'll make him pout more often. *nod*

EP!Flint: *grins, cuddles, and pouts more* Mine! Missed you.

*perks* Cookies? I like cookies. *evil smirk* Wait......... *runs off*
Heh. Exactly. *nods as well*

They all have their cute moments, but EP!Flint is the cutest. I <3 him...

EP!Wood: *cuddles and snuggles* Missed you too. *nuzzles more*

*_* They're so preeeetty!
*nods* Oh, yes. EP!Flint is by and far the cutest, and close to being my favorite one to play with.

EP!Flint: *nuzzles, cuddles, and snogs* Mine! *pouts just a little*

Oh, yes. So very, very preeeeetty.

(Hee. I stole cookies from Redd. ^_____^)


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....You'll fit in quite nicely here.

And damn you for getting that song stuck in my head!
Heh. Feel free to blame Sef. She started that...sorta...blame her anyway. *grin*