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Peh. Redd's making me do it....

Right. Introductions. Yeah.

I'm Sef. Real name = Sarah. Because certain people.... *coughs*Sammy*coughs* ....feel like making me give that out... *pouts* Mostly, though, online I go by Sef. Generally if I'm not in class or AIM hasn't decided to gouge its own eyes out and die horribly, I'm generally online as sefekhiamenti. I'd give out my RPG AIMs but Trillian hates me worse than AIM does.

Aaaand, let's see, it's me posting if you see any posts made by: green_silver, chasing_dragons, triddle, bole, chaserflint, or weasley_charlie. Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with Marcus Flint and Charlie Weasley.

Hmmmmmmmmmm....I like slash, but Flint/Cho is my OTP. Now if only I could convince Redd that it's a good thing. (Well, okay, yeah, kidding, because I like Wood/Cho, and I like Flint/Wood...and Percy/Charlie.)

Yes. That's me. Aren't you glad you wasted time reading this? *grins*

And my characters are not ho's. I'll have you know, Charlie isn't. Well, TCR!Charlie. Patronus!Charlie worries me sometimes. Oh, and Patronus!Flint. He's only Wood's ho.
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