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The Posse's Journal

Saturday, February 22, 2003

12:08AM - Betrayal!

*sighs laborously* I just.....I can't believe Wood would do that to Flint. *sobbing, and crying and just a bit of twitching and flailing*

Flint: *just pouts, while half-naked*

((Thank you, Redd, for sharing your webspace.))

The standard pout
A slightly different standard pout
More glaring than pouting.
Scruffy!Flint. It works.
Half-naked? Why, yes, yes, he is.

There. I hope you learned your lesson.

Current mood: awake

Saturday, February 8, 2003

11:20PM - Faith...

According to Mistress *pointed look at Erin* making a suggestion, what do you and Kevin think of a Valentine's-day trip to China? Jess could set it up, being the sly, tricksy, err.. caring friend that she is. Lemme know.

Current mood: sleepy


Right. So, trying to coordinate with you people is like...some great confusing thing.....

Kat, Redd's already cleared being gone on Monday with Corcoran, and she needs you to take notes for her in Contemporary World.

Rae, can you take care of her floor until she gets back? And let Katherine know how's she's doing? Please?

Tuesday, February 4, 2003


Right. I so love it when I forget that I have dental surgery. Peh. Anyway, yes, I'll be absent for a few days starting tomorrow because my wisdom teeth must come out.

Anyway, for those that can't seem to pick up their phones *pointed look at Faith* I'll be gone from tomorrow 'til probably Friday, depending on how groggy I am.

In terms of roleplaying, Jai, you have permission to do whatever you want with Marcus and Charlie in TCR. I'd say "no killing sprees" but all things considered.... *grins* And assume that Patronus!Charlie is just his usual annoying self.

Erin, Patronus!Flint will be disappearing tomorrow after Puddlemere's practice. I have plot. It'll be fun. (Nothing major, and Flint's not injured or anything. He's just not going to be in a very happy state of mind). Flint will be owling Wood sometime on Thursday to let him know what's going on. If I'm coherent enough to play (namely, not too high on the pain-killers), I'll leave comments on so the Boys can reunite (that ring he gave Wood will come in handy). Otherwise, comments will be off. (If you want details, comment here and I'll tell you the whole story)

Sorry to spring this on everyone. I completely forgot myself. -_-

Current mood: pessimistic

Sunday, January 26, 2003

1:47AM - So, yes. Another one of those scurvy "honorary members" .......*shrug*

If Ai is the Northern Ambassador, I guess I'm the "Honorary Middle of Nowhere/Primordial Hell Ambassador". It fits. Or the "Honorary Eastern Ambassador"...*shrugs*

Aaaanyway. I'm Erin. Yeah. And I play *takes a deep breath* Wood, Su, Mrs. Weasley, somerandomcharacterthatIcannotimpart, yet another Wood, and Cho. Uhh...I have no idea who's able to post and whatnot...so I'll uhh...you'll figure it out. I dunno why I'm posting here, actually. I'm bored and awake and glaring at Photoshop...which still has 12 hours of download time. *cries* I hate dial-up!

So, yes. That's about it. Bubblewrap and Pinky and the Brain. <-- was entire point of entry

Current mood: awake

Saturday, January 25, 2003

2:51AM - Ai, Honorary Northern Ambassador to the Posse

Heh. Just realized I haven't actually posted here yet. Silly me!

Well, the heading pretty much explains why this New Yorker is hanging out with y'all. And I blame all my oddness on Rae.

Well, a lot of it...

Okay, half of it...

A smidge?

Anyway, my RPing career pretty much revolves around her *cough*evil*cough* influence, and much irony.

Z and George. Living in my head. Together. But, y'know, not together together...


...How about this weather we're having. A bitch, ain't it?

Current mood: odd

1:01AM - *cough*

Yeah so Ai and I got random on AIM. It was fun but it doesn't really fit into TCR at all right now. So we're posting it here so everyone who wants to can reveal in our randomness...Yeah, and it's also NC-17.

Tom's loyal minions get nastyCollapse )

So they acted slutty and odd. We're very odd.

Oh and cookies to anyone who can acutally tell us where Guam is.

Pye. Hehe.

Current mood: bouncy

Friday, January 24, 2003

8:51PM - *prods Sef*

Hey. At some point in the moderate-to-near future, are you willing to coordinate another run-in between Gin and Tom? She hasn't had any great trauma in a while, and there's another Evil Plot swimming around in the back of my head.. Just lemme know.

Current mood: frosty with a chance of snow

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


And few of us can ever seem to be on AIM at the same time. If at all. Yes, Syd, I'm looking at you.

Awww. You created a community just to talk to me. I'm not sure if I should be frightened or honored. I'll settle for a vague sense of discontent.

And why is "naked bilbo" on the interest list of this community? My friends scare me.

Oh, yes, right. I'm Syd. Token male of the Posse. And that's really it. (I play Justin in the_common_room, by the way, like you all couldn't tell.)

Sunday, January 19, 2003

4:18PM - ::sighs laborously::

Fine. Introducing myself. Peh. It's like Posse!role call or something.

I'm Kat. I don't use my personal journal hardly at all, although I update more often than Sef. ::pointed look:: For refrence purposes, I'll probably also be posting under t_higgs or davies_roger as well as Lupin, here.

Um, let's see, obviously, I like slash, and that's really it. I'm also fascinated by the random background character that are emntioned once and never seen again. Hence the whole Terence thing.

I miss evil-possessed!Terence, though. He was fun.

Now to prod Faith to post.

Current mood: amused

11:49AM - My Turn!!!

Redd and Sef got to do it so now it's my turn. *coughs, clearing her throat*

I'm Rae. You can call me Rae. Or Queen of the Snow Rabbits. Or hell any of my thirty million nicknames, excluding Ima and Two-dollar. The punishment for calling me those names can range from a severe thwaping to death...depending on my mood. (Sef, that includes you.) I unlike other people will NOT be giving out my first name...no one knows that anyway and it would probably just confuse me if you used it.

Anyone is welcome to im me at anytime. Well if I'm online otherwise...don't bother. My aims include snowrabbitqueen and pnsyprknsn. I'm usually on both...feel free to annoy me, Sef does.

I'll be posting as painttheskyblue, p_parkinson, ravenclawpenny, kate_bell and possibly as k_bletchley.

And I would like to say that Sef's characters are hos. But sexy ones...for the most part.

Oh yeah a special little message to Redd....want icons....need icons....have one!

Current mood: cheerful

11:39AM - Peh. Redd's making me do it....

Right. Introductions. Yeah.

I'm Sef. Real name = Sarah. Because certain people.... *coughs*Sammy*coughs* ....feel like making me give that out... *pouts* Mostly, though, online I go by Sef. Generally if I'm not in class or AIM hasn't decided to gouge its own eyes out and die horribly, I'm generally online as sefekhiamenti. I'd give out my RPG AIMs but Trillian hates me worse than AIM does.

Aaaand, let's see, it's me posting if you see any posts made by: green_silver, chasing_dragons, triddle, bole, chaserflint, or weasley_charlie. Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with Marcus Flint and Charlie Weasley.

Hmmmmmmmmmm....I like slash, but Flint/Cho is my OTP. Now if only I could convince Redd that it's a good thing. (Well, okay, yeah, kidding, because I like Wood/Cho, and I like Flint/Wood...and Percy/Charlie.)

Yes. That's me. Aren't you glad you wasted time reading this? *grins*

And my characters are not ho's. I'll have you know, Charlie isn't. Well, TCR!Charlie. Patronus!Charlie worries me sometimes. Oh, and Patronus!Flint. He's only Wood's ho.

Current mood: silly

12:25AM - Getting things started off right....

Because Jess's little spurt of randomness, and my own bout of community testing just shouldn't be the only thing one sees when coming to a community.

So, yes, introductions. I'm Redd. And since I'm being poked by two other people, my real name is Samantha. I will answer to either Samantha or Sam or Redd. People who call me 'Sammy'.... *pointed look at Sef* ....get thwapped. And hard.

I'm almost always online, and all of my RPG characters have AIM names. Feel free to IM me at reddphoenixgrey (personal AIM) or ravenclawxcho (TCR AIM) or leave some kind of comment in my journal. If I'm at the cmputer, I've got MSN on, so I'll get the email.

Hmmmmmmm, what else......I like slash. I like het. I like pretty, pretty mental pictures. Because, yes, Flint and Wood flashing their abs at each other over in Patronus? Preeeety. But Wood/Cho are still cute. Cute, dammit!! No matter what other people say.... *again, pointed look at Sef*

And that's it. Really. Not going to go about things anymore.... OH! But, if there are posts made in this community by ravenclawseeker, rigelretrograde, changcho, exseeker, angiejohnson, or rmuse, they're all me. It'll depend on who I happen to be logged into at the time. Because, yes, inherently lazy.

Oh, and Sef? Tom? Is a ho. A big one.

By the way, bubblewrap.

Current mood: weird

Saturday, January 18, 2003


Hello Kitten ^_______^

Current mood: crazy

3:26PM - Testing.

This is me testing to see how this color scheme works. WEEEEEE!!!!! Witness me testing this community!

Current mood: amused