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posse_ooc's Journal

The Posse
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Right. So, it all started with Redd. And a little (at the time) RPG called the_common_room. Then Redd dragged Sef into it, and so on and so on. We multiplied and even got a collective noun to use. We're The Posse. So, yeah, all told, we're about fifteen people who, mostly, go to school together. Then there's the people we've adopted which puts us close to twenty in number. See, we're a very large group.

And few of us can ever seem to be on AIM at the same time. If at all. Yes, Syd, I'm looking at you. So, with about three RPGs spread out amongst us, we opted to form this community where we, and our little adopted friends, can plot, be random, and scare each other with the oddness.

((If you're interested in joining, leave a comment in either Rae's journal, or Redd's. Most of us are using our RPG journals here, so you can join with that.))

Mainly using journals/characters from: the_common_room and expectopatronum
abbreviations, accents, annoying sef, aragorn, arby's, arkansas, being annoying, being bitchy, being demi-gods, being evil, being fangirls, being history geeks, being odd, being perfect, being random, being snarky, being tom's bitch, bishwop, boy!slut-age, boys without shirts, bubblewrap, cage fights, chess, cho chang, cho's shiny boyfriend, christian bale, christian coulson, christian kane, civil war, conquering the world, cowboys, cute fluffy bunnies, dancing like oliver, dom's ass, dom/elijah, domlij, dr. welky, duck and cover, eowyn/aragorn/legolas, evil, evil koalas, evil ravenclaws, falmouth falcons, fanfiction, fellowship of the cast, flailing, flint's abs, flint/cho (sefmademedoit), flint/wood, gerard butler, harry potter, harry potter trading cards, het, history, hitting people, hogwarts, holyhead harpies, hot scottish guy, hugh, in-character, insulin shock, jack/david, jamie yeates, jude law, kane, karl urban, kitten, kitten's tummy, leather, legolas, legolas/aragorn, leopold and loeb, licking christian kane, licking dom monaghan, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, making icons, marcus flint, marcus fucking flint, marcus/oliver, marcus/percy, meep, naked!hugh, newsies, not naked bilbo, oliver wood, oliver/cho, orlando bloom, otp, out-of-character, pansy parkinson, pansy/z, patronus, percy weasley, percy/charlie, pinky and the brain, playing with dragons, plotting, pno, pretty boys, pretty evil dark lords, prodding rae, puddlemere united, pys, quidditch, random background characters, random pairings, ravenclaw, reading, reign of fire, riddle!bits, role-playing, rpgs, rps, sanctuary, scary hopping people, scary-ass hats, sean biggerstaff, sef's ho-ish characters, shiny things, sirius/remus, slash, slinkies, slytherin, slytherin quidditch, snark, squeeing, stealing redd's computer, stitch, tcr, terry/justin, the basement of main, the common room, the dungeons, the weasleys, tom fucking riddle, tom riddle, tom's chains, tom's purring, tom/everyone, tornado safety area, twitching, university of central arkansas, vampire!sirius, weasleycest, wolverine, wood's abs, wood/cho, writing, x-men