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Getting things started off right....

Because Jess's little spurt of randomness, and my own bout of community testing just shouldn't be the only thing one sees when coming to a community.

So, yes, introductions. I'm Redd. And since I'm being poked by two other people, my real name is Samantha. I will answer to either Samantha or Sam or Redd. People who call me 'Sammy'.... *pointed look at Sef* ....get thwapped. And hard.

I'm almost always online, and all of my RPG characters have AIM names. Feel free to IM me at reddphoenixgrey (personal AIM) or ravenclawxcho (TCR AIM) or leave some kind of comment in my journal. If I'm at the cmputer, I've got MSN on, so I'll get the email.

Hmmmmmmm, what else......I like slash. I like het. I like pretty, pretty mental pictures. Because, yes, Flint and Wood flashing their abs at each other over in Patronus? Preeeety. But Wood/Cho are still cute. Cute, dammit!! No matter what other people say.... *again, pointed look at Sef*

And that's it. Really. Not going to go about things anymore.... OH! But, if there are posts made in this community by ravenclawseeker, rigelretrograde, changcho, exseeker, angiejohnson, or rmuse, they're all me. It'll depend on who I happen to be logged into at the time. Because, yes, inherently lazy.

Oh, and Sef? Tom? Is a ho. A big one.

By the way, bubblewrap.
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