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Yeah so Ai and I got random on AIM. It was fun but it doesn't really fit into TCR at all right now. So we're posting it here so everyone who wants to can reveal in our randomness...Yeah, and it's also NC-17.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *sharpens her giant carving knife*

Zelgadis13: Mer!!!

Zelgadis13: Run, Z!!! RUN!!!

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: What? Who said I was going to use it?

Zelgadis13: Z:*cloud of smoke in his outline*

Zelgadis13: one dear. Just taking precautions.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *pouts* Z?

Zelgadis13: *blink* Damn that boy is fast...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *pouts* Damn. I had some pretty plans.

Zelgadis13: O_O

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Yes?

Zelgadis13: You....are frightening.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Moi?

Zelgadis13: *narrows eyes* Yes, dear...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Whyever is that?

Zelgadis13: First thing that comes to mind?


PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *strokes the knife* I call her Betsy.

Zelgadis13: And i'll be...*takes about fifty steps back* ...over here.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *looking at the knife* Betsy, I don't think she likes us.

Zelgadis13: *to Rae* She scaring me...

Zelgadis13: O_O...I'*runs away*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Wow, Z's gone and Ai too. *turns to her player* They left us.

PnsyPrknsn: That's what you get for waving Betsy around like that

Zelgadis13: *from a distance, a snicker can be heard*

PnsyPrknsn: Now, Pansy, give me Betsy before you scare all our friends away.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *pouts* Oh, alright.

PnsyPrknsn: Thank you. *puts Betsy far, far away*

Zelgadis13: *peeks back in* Is she unarmed?

PnsyPrknsn: Yes. It's taken care of. Are you coming back?

Zelgadis13: *pops back in* Yup!

PnsyPrknsn: Yay

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Z, too?

Zelgadis13: *looks about* Uh, sorry. thinks the boy is in Guam by now...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *stratches her head* Guam? And exactly how do I get there?

Zelgadis13: *shrug* I don't even know where that is!

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *pulls out a map* Guam....Guam....hmmmm. Ah! Here it is: Guam

Zelgadis13: Crap.
Zelgadis13: Actually...Where is Guam?

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *grins* Good thing I took my apparating test early. *disapparates*
PnsyPrknsn: I dunno

Zelgadis13: *blink* uh-oh.

PnsyPrknsn: We could ask Pansy but she's gone.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *in Guam* Z? Darling? Love?

Zelgadis13: Z: Meep!

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Z! *wrapping her arms around his neck, and rubbing her nose against his* Missed you.

Zelgadis13: Z:*freezes for a moment before squeezing her tightly* I missed you too love.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Did you? Did you really?

Zelgadis13: Z: I did, truly.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *leaning forward she nibbled on his jaw line* Did you miss me...or did you miss him?

Zelgadis13: Z: *chuckles nervously* I missed you love, *turns his head to take her mouth*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *murmurs against his lips* As much as you missed him?

Zelgadis13: Z: *licking her lips* More.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *murmurs to him* Liar.

Zelgadis13: Z: *nipping at her neck* Not lying...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Yes, you are. *closes her eyes briefly* But I just can't seem to care anymore. I've missed you so much.

Zelgadis13: Z:*Running his hands down her body* I'm not lying...But i don't care if you believe me or not...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: You don't care? Why not?

Zelgadis13: Z: Because i know what I know...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Really? And what's that?

Zelgadis13: Z: *staring into her eyes* That I love you and I missed you terribly...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *shakes her head unable to say anything*

Zelgadis13: Z: *frustrated* Dammit, I do! *takes her mouth roughly*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *melts into the kiss, unable to stop herself*

Zelgadis13: Z:*burrows his hands under her robes, trying frantically to get to skin*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *sighs her eyes closing slightly, unable to object but knowing this probably isn't the best idea, she kissed along his jaw line*

Zelgadis13: *slips a hand up under her shirt to knead at her breast as one leg slips between hers*

Zelgadis13: ((Heh. Funny thing is, Fred and George are doing practically the same thing in another AIM window))

PnsyPrknsn: ((hehehehehehehehehehe. You're a busy little bee today, aren't you?))

Zelgadis13: ((I am! :-D))

PnsyPrknsn: *moving against his leg, Pansy moaned slightly* Oh, Z.

Zelgadis13: *between bruising kisses* Didn't you...miss

PnsyPrknsn: *tears slipping down her face* So much. More than you'll ever know, darling. *she sighed* Couldn't breathe without you.

Zelgadis13: Z: Then touch me, love. Please

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *slowly slips her hand under his shirt at first just pressing her hand against his stomach and side, as if trying to absorb him through her fingertips, then slowly she slid her hand down placing one low against his stomach, just her fingertips sliding under his waistband*

Zelgadis13: Z: *gasps at her touch, and slips both hands down her sides until he's cupping her ass. On a groan, he pulls her against him hard, grinding his hips against hers*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *slowly unbuttons Z's pants and slips her hand inside his pants, stroking a fingertip over his erection* Z...

Zelgadis13: Z: God, Pansy...what you do to me...*arches his hips, pushing his erection more firmly into her hand*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *grasps his erection gently, stroking him harder* Tell me. Tell me what I do to you.

Zelgadis13: Z:*his hands clenching on her ass as he rocks into her touch, he gasps out* You make so crazy for wanting you...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Want you too. So much. Drives me crazy. *her hand moving quicker, her hips moving restlessly against him*

Zelgadis13: Z:*groans and slips one hand around to move between her legs. *

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Oh. *her hips bucking hard against him at his touch, she stroked harder, her breathing rapid*

Zelgadis13: Z:*moves his hand faster, harder against her even as his hips heave against her hand.* God, yes...almost...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Oh, god. Yes. Z! *moving her hand harder, faster, her hips moving in time to his hand* Yesssssss.

Zelgadis13: Z:*groaning loudly he tries to hold back but can't as he starts coming, hand movving vigorously between her legs* Pansy...God...

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *realizing that he's coming spurs on her own climax* Z! Yes. Oh, god, yes......

Zelgadis13: Z:*panting, continues to stroke her until she rides out her orgasm*

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *her chest heaving* Oh, god. Z...that was...*smiles ever so slightly* very nice.

Zelgadis13: Z:*trying to catch his breath, he arches a brow* Nice?...Is that all?

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: Well I don't want you to have a swelled *pauses glancing down to where her hand was, then back at his face with a wicked grin* Head.

Zelgadis13: ((BWAHAHAHA!!!))

PnsyPrknsn: ((You like?))

Zelgadis13: ((That was great!))

PnsyPrknsn: ((What can I say? I was inspired.))

Zelgadis13: ((ehehe, I'm sure you were))

Zelgadis13: Z:*smirks* Cute.

PnsyPrknsn: Pansy: *kissing the tip of his nose* I know you are.

So they acted slutty and odd. We're very odd.

Oh and cookies to anyone who can acutally tell us where Guam is.

Pye. Hehe.
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